Faculty of Sciences

LRDSI Presentation


The Research Laboratory for the Development of Computerized Systems (LRDSI) at Saad Dahlab –Blida1 University was approved in May 2002 to support the IT department, created in 1999, in its educational and scientific activities. It is made up of four teams bringing together more than 30 teacher-researchers and 32 doctoral students (LMD and classical).

The missions of the LRDSI revolve around three main axes: research, development – ​​transfer of technology and training. Its vocation is to develop know-how, at the service of society in close liaison with the disciplines of Engineering, Human and Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Life Sciences.

The laboratory's research themes cover a wide spectrum of software-dominated computer science and include both fundamental and applied aspects: algorithms, combinatorics, graphs, programming, software engineering, verification and proofs, parallelism, high performance computing, networks, databases, knowledge extraction and representation, learning, data mining, human-computer interaction, decision support, etc.

LRDSI teacher-researchers actively participate in the training of students enrolled in computer specialties at the three levels of L (Bachelor), M (Master) and D (Doctorate) set up at each academic year.

Nadjia Benblidia,
Laboratory Director