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August 17, 1998


The Faculty of Sciences was officially created within the Saad Dahlab University of Blida by executive decree n°98-253 of 24 Rabie Ethani 1419 corresponding to August 17, 1998 modifying and supplementing decree n°83-544 of September 24, 1983 on the standard statute of the university.


LMD training 

Our university is among the first universities in Algeria to take charge of training in the new LMD system (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate). The Faculty of Sciences is the first at Saad Dahlab University to get in tune with this new LMD training. Since 2004 (year of the establishment of the LMD system), applied and academic licenses have been created, with a view to adapting the training provided at the faculty to the needs of the labor market.

Our faculty in numbers


The Faculty of Sciences is made up of 5 departments (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science and the Common Core) and a library.


The effort deployed in the field of research has made it possible to create three laboratories in physics, two laboratories in chemistry, a laboratory in computer science and a laboratory in mathematics.


Today the Faculty of Sciences has 5 pavilions (Pavilion 1, Pavilion 4, Pavilion 5, Pavilion 13 and Pavilion 14).


State engineer


Graduate Diploma


University degree

Our Training

The Faculty of Sciences is housed in the premises of the former Institute of Exact Sciences. The Faculty of Sciences provides training: University Diploma (DEUA in 3 years), Graduate Diploma (DES in 4 years), State Engineer (in 5 years), Magister and State Doctorate of Science in the following specialties: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry. The State Doctorate in Science has been replaced since 1998 by a Doctorate in Science (the Faculty of Science is authorized to issue the rank of Lecturer in Physics and Chemistry).