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Tablaoui Meftah

Doctorate in Physics

Development of massive materials belonging to the Chalcopyrite system for photovoltaic applications. The effect of the sulfur on the purity and the crystallization of Cu2ZnSnS4 compound; Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Volume 26, October 2014, Page 583-587; Elsevier


Impact factor:1.76

Brahim Errahmani Mohamed

Chemistry Habilitation   Physical-Chemical Parameter Variability Relative to Seasonal Dynamics and Community Structure of Plankton in the Boukourdane Lake Dame (Algeria)

Applied Ecology and Environmental Research


Impact factor:0.58

Dali Widad

PhD Mathematics

Some operations on graphs and their effects on localizing domination and total localizing domination -On locating and locating-total donation edge addition critical graphs In Utilitas Mathematica 94(2014 p 199-219)

-Criticality indices of locating-domination of paths and cycles In Utilitas Mathematica 94(2014 p 301-313)


Impact factor: 0.316

Zitouni Hanachi

Physical Habilitation

  Revising the Amati and Yonetoku correlation with the swift GRBs,Astrophycs and Space Science Journal; Spring; 315; p267-279 (2014).

Impact factor:2.401



Rekik Brahim



Physical Habilitation

  -Yb-doped liGd1-xlux (WO4)2 single crystal fibers grown from the melt and optical characterization, Journal of Crystal Growth;Elsevier;405,pp.11-15,2014

Impact factor: 1.69


- Monophase domain, fibers single crystals grown by the micro-pulling down technical opyical characterization of LiGd1-xlux (WO4)2 J. Optical Materials 33 (2011)

Impact factor:2.075


Oukid Lamia


PhD Computer Science

Text Warehousing: Online construction and analysis of text cubes Contextualized Text OLAO based on information Retrieval International Journal of Data warehousing and Mining (IJDWM) To appear in Vol.2015, Issue number 3


Impact factor:0.786




Mebdoua Lahmar Yamina




Physical Habilitation

  -Spalt Heat Transfer and Crystal Growth Under Thermal Spray Condition.Journal of High Temperature Material Processes Volume 13.Issue 1,2009,pp.77-91,Begell Digital Library

Impact factor:0.189


-Numerical Study of Alumina Nucleation on Steel Substrate Under Plasma Spray Condition. International journal of Thermal Sciences,Volume 49,2010,pp. 522-528, Elsevier

Impact factor: 2.47



Rassoul Abdelaziz


Mathematics Habilitation

  Kernel Type Estimator of the Conditional Tail Exeptional for Heavy Taile Distribution Insurance, Mathematics and Economics, Volume 53(3),pp.698-703,Elsevier.


Impact factor: 1.095



Boumeddiene Abdelkader



Doctorate in Physics

Theoretical study of the structural and electronic properties of the surface of thin films of tin oxide Sn0x containing Antimony impurities [Sb+ ,Sb5+ , Sby] Structural and electronic properties of Sb-doped Sn02[110] surface: a first principal study. Journal Applied Surface science 284 (2013), pp 581-585 Elsevier


Impact factor 2.11



Bouamra Faiza



Doctorate in Physics

Theoretical study of the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of free RHn aggregates and adhered to the thin layers of tin oxide SnO2[110] First calculation of magnetic properties of rh-doped Sn02[110] surface.Journal applied Surface Science 269(2013) pp.41-44, Elsevier


Impact factor:2.11


Bouchou Ahmed


PhD Mathematics

Study of K-Domination, K-Independence and Roman K-Domination in graphs Bounds on the K-independence and k-chromatic numbers of graphs, Ars Combinatoria, pp33-46, 2014


Impact factor: 0.204





PhD Mathematics

Dominant and dominated coloring in graphs




Haireche Sofiane


Doctorate in Physics

Elaboration and characterization of tin oxide in thin layers containing impurities of Sby, Sb+3 ,Sb+5 









Contribution to the study of double domination Critical and stable graph Double domination edge removal critical graphs volume 48 year 2010, pp 285-299








Coating of porous silicon with polyaniline for stabilization of photoluminescence The journal Optical Materials, Elsevier, volume 32, Year 2010, pp 748-752





PhD Mathematics

Study of b-coloring in graphs: extremal graphs and critical graphs The Australian Journal of Combinatorics Volume 47n, Year 2010, pp 21-35


Ali Messaoud Anissa 


Doctorate of physical state

Optimization of conditions for the production of thin layers of heterostructures by simulation of heteroepitactic growth The Thin Solid Films Diary, Elsevier, Year xx pp xx







Boudouh Hassene







Doctorate in Physics





Study of the elaboration and characterization of thin layers of copper calcogenides for the manufacture of electrochemical sensors for the detection of pollutants in water






The journal Electrochemical Society, Volume 159 n 3, Year 2012, pp 148-154










Synthesis and characterization of catalysts based on mesostructured materials of composition SiO2 and Al203 functionalized by a noble metal Pt Pd Application in liquid phase hydrogenation  

The journal Applied Catalysis A General, Elsevier, Volume 445-446 Year 2012, pp 14-15





Physics PhD

Elaboration and characterization of multilayer structures of polypyrrole PP y / Tio2/ITO and TiN and CHx / porous silicon The journal Physica E, Elsevier, Volume 38, Year 2007, pp 168-171 

The journal Applied Surface Science Elsevier, Volume 258, Year 2008 pp 3648-3652



Zemir Zoham

PhD Mathematics

Study of b-coloring and b-continuity in graphs  


Demmad Fatma Zohra




Hua polynomial, Bergman kernel of Catan-Hartogs domains and Lu Qikeng problem

Hua polynomial, Bergman kernel of Cartan-Hartogs domains and Qikeeng. Rendiconti lu problem from the Seminario Matematico de l'Università e Politecnico di Torino, vol.67,(2009),p 55-89



Bouzidi Naima





Contribution to the chemical study of Mediterranean marine algae: Quantitative analysis of sterols from the lipid extract by Fourier transform infrared spectrometry  

Determination of total sterols in brown algae by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.Analytica Chimica Acta 616(2008) 185-189

Oukid Nadia

State Doctorate in Mathematics

Stochastic Comparisons and Applications  


Ali Messaoud Anissa


Doctorate of Physical State

Modeling and simulation at the atomic scale of the crystal growth of ultra-thin layers of silicon oxide by the kinetic MONTE CARLO method  


Yahiaoui Sid-Ahmed


Doctorate in Physics

On the Procedures of Resummation, Connection and Generation of Multidimensional Quantum Potentials  


Bouayed Noureddine


Doctorate in Physics

The Higgs and the Top Quark in the formalism of dispersion relations and the standard model