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The LPTHIRM is part of the Saad Dahlab University of Blida (USDB 1), approved in September 2003 and located in pavilion 14. It conducts both theoretical and applied research. These activities are carried out by research teams whose axes revolve around theoretical and mathematical physics, the study of dynamic systems and radiation-matter interactions.


The research and technological development objectives are:

  • Development of the formalism of path integrals.
  • Coherent and compressed states in the supersymmetry formalism of quantum mechanics and the theory of (deformed) Lie groups.
  • Field theory, general relativity and gravitation and superstrings. • Study of discrete dynamic systems associated with the iteration of birational transformations.
  • Study of Fuchisian differential equations verified by decompositions of the susceptibility of the Ising model (statistical physics model on networks).
  • Enrichment of databases on (cross sections, stopping power, straggling) used in IBA techniques • Development of nuclear multi-element microanalysis techniques.
  • Quality assurance within a radiotherapy department with high energy photon beams.
  • Development of dosimetric calculation methods in radiotherapy (photon beam, neutrons, ions) brachytherapy using Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Complementary dosimetry of the extremities in nuclear medicine and radiation protection of personnel in nuclear medicine.
  • Development of Boron Neutron Sensor Therapy (BNCT).
  • Applications of nuclear analysis methods (environment, health, industry, etc.).
  • PET/CT imaging (Respiratory movement correction).