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Congratulations on your success in Bac 2023

Welcome to the university community
Dear graduates, aefore starting the registration procedure with these different stages and in order to ensure the best possible choice, You must first Download the circular relating to the pre-registration and orientation of Baccalaureate holders for the year academic year 2023/2024 by clicking below.

Baccalaureate transfer results prior to 2023

Baccalaureate transfer results prior to 2023

2023 ليك ن في علم الطلبة الذين قاموا بإيداع طلب التحويل خارجي أو داخلي (بكالو) ريا ما قبل 2023) عبر الخط...

A 5-Star Graduate (5-Star Student)

A 5-Star Graduate (5-Star Student)

At the end of his course, the student will be evaluated in 5 stages by a mixed jury comprising members of the university and members of the socio-economic world. These 5...


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