Faculty of Sciences

Presentation of the Molecular and Macromolecular Physical Chemistry Laboratory (LCPMM)

 Identification of the Research Laboratory:

  • Establishment: University of Blida1, Faculty of Sciences,Department of Chemistry.
  • Title of the Laboratory: Llaboratory of Chimie Molecular and Macromolecular.
  • Acronym of the Lab: LCPMM
  • Year of certification: 2000.
  • Laboratory code: C1240100.
  • Domain : Chemistry – Materials science
  • Total area : Total area: 389m2
  • Lab Director: Prof. Kasmi Souad
  • Number of teams: 05.
  • Number of researchers: 23

  • Support staff2 laboratory engineers
  • Address :University of Blida 1, Route Soumâa Bp 270 Blida (09000) Algeria, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry.

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