Faculty of Sciences

Word from the Head of Mathematics Department

Mr. Tami Omar

Head of the Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of Saâd Dahlab University of Blida has for mission the teaching of Mathematics at the levels of the License and the Master as well as the initiation to research by the supervision of theses of Magister and of Doctorate. Students work in various fields of research, both fundamental and applied, such as Operations Research, Probability, Statistics, Numerical Analysis, etc.

The Department of Maths also monitors relations with other departments of the University, in particular for teaching projects intended for other courses in other departments (Computer Science, Physics, Pharmacy, Architecture, Agronomy, Electronics, etc.).

The Maths department has a research laboratory called LAMDA-RO

(Laboratory of Mathematical Analysis and Development of Algorithms in Operational Research) in which all the Math research teams are grouped.

Teacher-researchers from the Maths department mainly carry out their research activities in this laboratory based in Pavilion 14.