Terms and Conditions

What is a Terms and Conditions Agreement?

In legal terms, terms and conditions are the same as “terms of service” and “terms of use”. People very often use the following abbreviations: ToS and ToU. In a legal sense, terms and conditions are a form of agreement or contract.

This document may contain standards, specifications, rules, requirements, provisions and provisions. For some purposes, the terms and conditions may be used as a simple disclaimer to inform website visitors.

It is important not to confuse it with the End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA is used for desktop software which may or may not require a server connection to run. If you have a mobile app or offer services through your website, you will need to have ToS in place.

Today, on many websites, the rules and guidelines specified in the terms and conditions must be accepted by visitors to the website, so that the user can continue to use the website in question.

In this scenario, the website is a business and the user is the person visiting it. The terms and conditions serve as a legal contract between these two.