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Since its creation in 1987 to date, the Saad Dahlab University of Blida has trained thousands of students in various disciplines, most of whom exercise and are executives in various environments at the national and international level. In order to reconnect with its former graduates as professionals, the University of Blida is launching this platform for the creation of the Alumni Network of the University of Blida (RAUB) which should constitute a bridge between the university and professional circles. and industrial.

Its objectives are to create a community made up of former students aimed at exchanging experiences and advice, supporting and placing students in internships and industrial training, and even contributing to professional integration.

It is also expected that the network will develop professional mutual assistance by sharing job offers, and setting up thematic events (employment forum, business workshops, thematic conferences, participation in the annual establishment, etc).

Please forward this announcement to all your fellow graduates of Saad Dahlab University in Blida to join this network.

We thank you for your membership and hope to welcome you soon to your university.

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Seize professional opportunities
Keep a link with my university and receive information
Participate in research and development activities
Find members of my promotion and reconnect with my teachers
Find out about continuing education programs at university
Receive students on internship in our company/institution
Supervise and co-supervise students at the end of their course
Develop research projects in partnership with the University of Blida 1

Blida University Alumni Network: RAUB

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