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To ensure a better choice, the new baccalaureate holder must find out from the teaching team organizing the information campaign about:
– Universities and colleges of higher education
– The different areas of training and / or existing courses at the University of BLIDA1.
– The different methods of pre-registration and orientation


The new baccalaureate holder must complete a wishes form available on the sites provided, and this in accordance with the general rules defined in the orientation circular. He must include in descending order, within the limit of the four (04) possible choices, the courses in which he would like to register.
To better inform the wishes form, the choices of the bachelor must imperatively take into account all the conditions set for pre-registration in the fields of training.


Computerized national processing will take care of all the wishes forms of new baccalaureate holders, entered and transmitted online. This treatment, based on the combination of the following three parameters:
The wishes expressed by the holder of the baccalaureate.
The series and the results of the baccalaureate (mention, marks of the essential subjects and general average).
The reception capacity of education and higher training establishments
By visiting the site the bachelor will take note of his assignment and will confirm his registration online.


Appeals: New baccalaureate holders who are not satisfied with their assignment can lodge an appeal in the sole case of an assignment that does not correspond to any of the ten choices expressed in the wish form. Appeals must be made exclusively online. In the event that the baccalaureate holder, directed towards a course subject to success in a competition, an aptitude test or an interview with a jury, is declared not admitted to the tests for this purpose, he is redirected towards one of his/her other choices mentioned on the wishes form in compliance with the required educational conditions. In this case, the establishment of his first assignment, is bound by the whole procedure of this reorientation, within the framework of the regional conferences.


After having confirmed his registration, the bachelor will go to the establishment of his assignment, to submit his registration file, pay the registration fees and collect the documents confirming his administrative registration (student card , school certificate, library card).
The registration fees are the same for Algerian and foreign students and are set at 200 DA.


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