Blida 1 University

Create strong and innovative ties with the student community, in order to offer significant work experiences that will contribute to the development of everyone.


Created on June 20, 1977 (decree no. 77-92), the University Center of Blida opened its doors to students four years later, on September 8, 1981, when the number of registered students rose to 526, for a teaching staff of 57 including 17 foreigners. In August 1989 the CUB was transformed into a University according to executive decree no. 89-137 of August 1, 1989.
The cooperative scheme at Blida 1 University is an invaluable training method for gradually integrating young university students into an increasingly demanding job market.
Each year, nearly 5000 cooperative internships are carried out in a thousand organizations of all kinds.
As a result, the University ranks among the top 10 higher education institutions in Algeria.

History about the City of Roses

Blida, capital of Wilaya, is located 50 km north of
South-west of Algiers, on the southern edge of the plain of
Mitidja 22 km from the sea. It is in a situation
contact between the mountain and the plain. The cone
dejection of Oued Sidi El Kébir places it at a
altitude of 270 m. The territory of the municipality
covers an area of ​​7.208 ha.
The blank site has four parts
distinct: the first two present the
whole piedmont which is delimited on the side
South by the mountain, they are united at the
level of the Sidi El Kébir valley. The part
West is delimited by Oued Sidi El Kébir
on the north side, the latter is supplied by
many ravines.

Fascinating Experience
The professionals of the Internships and Professional Development Service are at the service of students and employers throughout their university career. They provide the best possible learning experiences to start or propel the career.
Word from the Rector
“Blida1 University bearing the name of the prestigious nationalist Saad Dahlab is the result of the evolution of the first university center of the city of Blida into a University in 1989. Located in an area with strong agricultural and industrial potential, it is consists of 4 faculties and 4 institutes, offering training in homogeneous fields. The ambition is to meet the specialties sought in the socio-economic world, specific to the Mitidja region and others of an academic nature. A quality education is provided to students… Read More