INSTITUTE of Veterinary Sciences

Presentation of the biotechnology laboratory related to animal reproduction

 Identification of the Research Laboratory:

  • Establishment: University of Blida1,Institute of Veterinary Sciences.
  • Title of the Laboratory: Biotechnology research laboratory related to animal reproduction
  • Acronym of the Lab: LBRA
  • Lab Director: Prof. BOUYOUCEF Abdallah
  • Number of teams: 04.
  • Address :University of Blida 1, Route Soumâa Bp 270 Blida (09000) Algeria,Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Block B .

Objective of the laboratory:

The main research objectives of the laboratory have been set according to the themes chosen by the research teams:
  •  Development and implementation of biotechnologies linked to animal reproduction.
  • Characterization and improvement of local animal breeds or populations.
  • Management and optimization of animal production.
  • Use of biotechnologies for monitoring the health status of domestic animals.

Contact Us:

  • Phone/Fax: +213 672 011 528