INSTITUTE of Veterinary Sciences

Biography of the Head of the Pre-Clinical Department

YAHIA Achour

Head of the pre-clinical department

YAHIA Achour was appointed to the position of head of pre-clinical department in September 2023.

Born on 01/01/1977 in Tizi Ouzou, University Teacher (Lecturer Class A) at Saad Dahlab University BLIDA 1, Institute of Veterinary Sciences.

My Diplomas and Training in




Obtaining the Baccalaureate in Nature and Life Sciences Series.

July 2001

Veterinary doctor diploma.

Diploma of Veterinary Doctor from the National Veterinary School of Algiers.

July 2006

Magister's diploma

Master's degree in Veterinary Sciences (Caprine Reproduction Option) from Saad Dahlab BLIDA University.

June 2015

Doctoral degree

ES Sciences Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Sciences (Option: Reproduction) from Saad Dahlab BLIDA 1 University.

January 2019

Habilitation diploma

Diploma of Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR) in Veterinary Sciences from Saad Dahlab BLIDA 1 University.

International Publications & Communications