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Exhibition and sale of books at the ISV library

The OPU university publications office is organizing an exhibition and book sale at the library of the Institute of Veterinary Sciences from May 7 to May 09. Welcome to all.

فتح مسابقة للتوظيف

فتح مسابقة على أساس الإمتحان المهني للتوظيف في منصب شغل للتفصيل إضغط هنا

Diploma file

We announce to 5th year students who have not yet submitted the diploma file, to submit it as soon as possible and this at the level of the diploma service.
File to provide:

  • BUILD YOUR VIRTUAL TOUR (Download here)
  • 2 identity photos.
  • Birth act.
  • BAC transcript.

Notice of presence

We inform the following students to contact the library administration of the Institute of Veterinary Sciences list of students



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