INSTITUTE of Veterinary Sciences

Message from the Head of the Clinical Department


Head of the clinical department

The Clinical Department hosts the teachings of the Fourth and Fifth years of the veterinary course which leads to obtaining the Diploma of Veterinary Doctor.  

The Department has 38 teachers of masterly rank ensuring the pedagogical supervision of students in the essential chairs of the specialty according to the particularities of the animal species, after their passage to the Preclinical Department which allows them to accumulate the necessary knowledge in basic sciences.  

The Clinical Department does not only set itself the goal of offering its students quality academic training. It also plays a role in the professional training of future veterinarians through practical work and clinics, as well as educational outings organized within the framework of agreements established between the Institute of Veterinary Sciences and socio-economic partners.  

The Department has always worked, since the creation of the Institute, by developing training in Veterinary Sciences thanks to the efforts of the administration and teachers. Clinicians and surgeons are involved in teaching in the clinical cycle, and professional equipment, as well as medical consumables are made available to learners each year to meet their learning needs in terms of knowledge, technicality and means.