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International seminar on the optimization of reproductive performance in farm animals (cattle, sheep, goats, camels)

The productivity of livestock is dependent on good reproductive management. Production-oriented selection pressure (meat, milk, etc.) has had adverse consequences on animal fertility. Having made this observation, researchers in the field of livestock have never ceased to try to increase reproductive performance by adopting modern methods of livestock management, both in terms of the management of reproduction and nutrition, only by using biotechnology techniques such as the production of embryos in vivo and in vitro. Research has also focused on reducing the pressure of pathologies having a direct or indirect impact on reproductive performance, whether of bacterial, viral, parasitic, nutritional or metabolic origin. By organizing this seminar, we try to shed light on all aspects related to the reproduction of farm animals in different species. Recommendations will be put in place to reduce the influence of limiting factors in order to optimize the reproductive performance of the animals, and manage to use their production potential as well as possible. At the end of the seminar, convention and scientific and educational collaboration projects will be discussed with our partners and our invited representatives of affiliated training structures.

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The First National Days of Avian Pathologies “Avian Flu as part of One Health and Food Safety”

Poultry production occupies an important place in the national strategy aimed at guaranteeing food security for the Algerian consumer. Poultry meat and eggs help to meet animal protein needs in your food ration at a lower cost. It is a strategic sector in the country's economy and requires rigorous health care, allowing for harmonious development of the sector. However, the persistence and emergence of certain diseases, notably Avian Flu, hampers the development of this sector.