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Research projects

File to be provided for a short-term internship (less than or equal to six months)

1- Invitation (header and visa from the host institution)
2- Signed work plan. (for doctoral students, the work plan must be signed by the thesis director)
3- Replacement certificate signed by the head of department (Download)
4- Information sheet (Download)
5- Commitment of the ticket (Download)
6- PAF form (Download)
7- Certificate of education for doctoral students

On return:

– An internship report approved by the host institution (internship report template)
– PAF form signed by the head of department and endorsed by the border police.

Documents to download

Internship application form pdf version  (Download)
Internship application form Word version (Download)

Research projects

Half-yearly reports of projects approved in 2018

Project manager: Pr LAFRI Mohamed

Project No.: D04N01UN090120180002

Entitled: Study of abortive diseases on reproductive and production performance in sheep in a controlled station
Project manager: Pr MENOUERI Mohamed Nabil

Project No.: D01N01UN09120180002

Entitled: Investigation of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria of animal origin and their impacts on human health
Project manager: Dr LAFRI Ismail

Project No.: D01N01UN090120180001

Entitled: Entomological and epidemiological surveillance of animal leishmaniasis (canine and
feline) and West Nile fever in northern Algeria
Project manager: Pr KAIDI Rachid

Project No.: D04N01UN090180006

Entitled: Evaluation of the reproductive function of livestock in Algeria

Project manager: Pr BERBER Ali

Project No.: D04N01UN090120180003

Entitled: Study of the mortality of young rabbits in the peri-weaning period and its variation factors in rabbits of synthetic strain

Half-yearly and mid-term reviews of projects approved in 2019

Project manager: Dr OUCHENE Nassim

Project No.: D00L04UN090120190001

Entitled: Incidence and etiology of the main abortive diseases of parasitic origin in ruminants in Algeria
Project manager: Dr YAHIA Achour

Project No.: D01N01UN090120190002

Entitled: Study of the resistance to antibiotics of strains of enterococci and salmonella isolated in animals and their impact on human health.