Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Message from the Head of the Department of Architecture


Head of Architecture Department

     The training offered by the architecture department is provided by a team of experienced and multidisciplinary teachers, researchers and professionals whose objective is to train students on the different aspects of architecture, technical, environmental, heritage and urban and also the development of soft skills among students to help them develop their entrepreneurial and leadership potential during their university studies. The training also aims for a progressive immersion of students in the socio-professional world, via the links that the university forges with socio-economic partners, in the form of practical internships allowing students to discover the professional world and see their chances of employability broaden over the years of their training.

The architecture department provides students with permanent access to the course through the e-platformlearning which allows a continuous and interactive exchange between students and their teachers. Also, the language of teaching is gradually switching to English, which will ultimately allow students to become more open to the world.

Students are also encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial capacity throughout their training. Any idea that could help resolve a problematic situation in Algerian society could be brought to fruition through the memory-startup project which is an initiative of the supervisory authority.

Finally, we welcome all students registered in the architecture department of the University of Blida 1. This web space is dedicated to them, to support them throughout the entire period of their training, and remains open for any constructive exchange .