Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Message from the director of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Since its creation in 1981, the Blida 1 Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning has trained highly qualified architects who are deeply committed to the socio-economic and cultural development of the country. Key players in the private and public sectors.

The implementation of the new reform (LMD) within our institute was carried out with the participation of all its teaching staff in accordance with national and international standards.

The teaching staff, the main capital of our institute, which is characterized by its multidisciplinarity, is at the forefront of research and innovation, providing students with a framework oriented towards creativity, innovation and technical research. and heritage.

In addition to daily educational lessons, the opening in 2015 within our institute of a research laboratory which has the theme: Environment and Technology for Architecture and Heritage and a Doctoral School in Architecture Heritage Built and Environment .

The Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Blida 1 is strongly anchored in its socio-professional environment, a partnership which ensures its positioning as a resource establishment for the profession of Architect. It is this partnership that our institute maintains with various national and international institutions and organizations, which allows students to open up to other educational environments and other related disciplines.

A big thank you to all the teaching staff and the administrative staff of the Institute of Architecture, who work tirelessly for the development, performance and influence of our institution.

My congratulations and encouragement also go to all the students for their determination and perseverance, without forgetting to salute our winners in the various competitions, wishing them more success and success in their professional and family life.