Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Biography of the Head of the Heritage Department



Head of Department of Architectural and Urban Heritage (DPAU) 

Lecturer-IAU -Blida 1

My Diplomas and Trainings


State Architect

State engineer in Architecture – EPAU Option: traditional architecture.


Training Diploma



on the safeguarding and programmed management of archaeological sites, European Foundation, Unesco, Arles, France

Specialty: preservation of monuments and historic sites, Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urban Planning (EPAU), Algiers


Qualified architect 

Qualified architect of monuments and protected sites (Ministry of Culture).


Doctor of Science

Architecture and Urban Planning, EPAU, Algiers


  • Critical History of Architecture 2e et3e (courses and tutorials), classic system (2002—2004; 2007-2008)
  • Critical history of Architecture 1 and 2 (course and coordination of tutorials), LMD system
  • Critical history of architecture in the Maghreb 19e and 20e centuries (courses and coordination of tutorials), Master 1, Heritage option (2014-2015)
  • Town planning, 4eyear, classic system (2002-2004)
  • Architecture workshop 1e year, classic system (2004-2008)
  • Architecture project workshop, 5e year, PFE, classic system (2002-2004)
  • Architecture project workshop, Master 2, Heritage option (2015-2018)
  • Curricular Seminar, Master 1, Architectural and Urban Heritage Course; Introduction to the uses of built heritage in the context of an architectural project (2019-2020)
  • Architecture project workshop, Master 2, Option Habitat (2020-2021)
  • Preventive conservation of built heritage, License 1 (ENCRBC-Alger-2012-2013)


  • 2018 OuadahSoufyane, Contribution to the knowledge of precolonial religious heritage, Case study: city of Médéa
  • 2018 BourahlaHayet, The architectural typology of the traditional Saharan dwelling- ksar El Mihane-Wilaya de Djanet
  • 2015 Riad Bensalem, monograph of the minaret of Témacine
  • 2015 FekharIslem, The architectural heritage of the 20th century: Monograph of the Rannou House in Touggourt: an agricultural wasteland to classify and preserve.
  • 2015– Ben Bachir Lamia, Traditional habitat of the highlands, Contribution to the enhancement of a losing heritage, case study: Ksar El Boukhari
  • 2015– Youcef Oudjouadj, Architectural and decorative study of the green-domed mosque, ksar of Témacine
  • 2015 :OuahabNardjes, the architectural heritage of the XNUMXth centurye century in Biskra: Architectural and constructive study comparative to traditional pre-colonial architecture
  • 2015 GheribiAymen, Doors in the medinas, architectural study, case of the old town of Annaba.
  • 2009– Graduation project, Heritage option, The balconies of Ghoufi, Tourist complex and habitats, Belmecheri Y., Chekalil A., Fergani MA, Ferhat M. Hasni S.
  • 2009 End-of-study project, Heritage Option, El Kantara, habitat and tourist complex, Fellag F., Aliouat,

Publications & Communications

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