Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

Message from the Head of the Urban Planning Department


Head of Urban Planning Department

The urban planning department is part of a dynamic of openness to new multidisciplinary research approaches, responding to the new development challenges faced by Algerian cities. Driven by a strategic vision and a multidisciplinary educational team (architects, urban planners, geographers and engineers), with unconditional commitment. Bringing their pedagogical, professional and research knowledge to the service of the promotion of the discipline Planning within our institute.

 The proposal of a training offer Academic License in Urban Planning comes to materialize this vision, with the aim of training practitioners specialized in urban and territorial planning, aware of the new challenges of sustainability and the promotion of a quality of life. This offer in License will be followed by the proposal of other academic and professional training in Master.

Our commitment to our future students is to support them throughout their educational journey, providing them with innovative and quality training, at the forefront of new research and procedures in the Urbanism discipline. Allowing them a quick and efficient integration into the professional environment.