Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning


Our story in


Opening of the Department of Architecture at the University Complex of Blida.
Implementation of the university card
The establishment of the University Card which gives birth to the National Institute of Higher Education in Architecture of Blida (INESAB).
Opening of a department within INESAB called "Department of Higher Technicians in Architecture"
Opening of another department called
Opening of another department called “Department of Civil Engineering”. It receives students admitted to the 3rd year after the common core technology (TCT).

The Department of Architecture became the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism,

 after the restructuring of the University of Blida (art 2 of executive decree n◦ 13-163 of 4 joumada ethani 1434 corresponding to April 15, 2013).

The Institute also represents a research center within a Doctoral school created in 2015 and its main theme is: Architecture Built Heritage and Environment. 

Our faculty in numbers


Today the institute has three departments: Architecture Urbanism Heritage

Objectives of the institute

It is a question of training Architects corresponding to the workstations that the country needs:

  • Operational, efficient, with the ability to adapt.
  • Taking into account national socio-economic and cultural realities.
  • Prepare for the assimilation of scientific progress to reinforce basic training and stimulate the spirit of research.
  • Becoming aware of the role of the architecture of its methods and its action.