Faculty of natural and life sciences

Biography of the Head of the Department of Biology

About us

The Department of Biology is an academic entity within our institution dedicated to the in-depth study of the natural and life sciences. It offers a diverse program encompassing areas such as cell biology, genetics, biology and ecology of aquatic environments, biochemistry, microbiology, plant biology and physiology, animal biology and physiology, parasitology, pharmacotoxicology, ecosystems and many more. others.

Our goals

Teaching : We strive to provide quality biology education, offering theoretical and practical courses that enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of biological concepts.

Research : We encourage scientific research and discovery in the field of biology. Our teachers and researchers participate in innovative research projects and collaborate with other institutions.

Professional development

We aim to prepare our students for careers in varied fields such as research, teaching, environmental protection, health, pharmaceutical industry and environmental conservation

Community engagement : We seek to raise awareness in the community about the importance of biology in our daily lives. Community activities, seminars and educational programs are organized to share our knowledge with the public.

Educational innovation : We adopt appropriate teaching approaches to maintain students' interest and promote their learning.

The Department of Biology strives to create a stimulating teaching environment where scientific curiosity is encouraged, research is valued, and where students are prepared to meet the challenges of the contemporary scientific world.