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5rd edition of the Scientific Congress on Agri-food

(JAGRO5 / 2024)

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National Seminar National Symposium of Biology and Pharmacotoxicology 1SNBPT

"Pharmacotoxicology lies at the crossroads of several disciplines (Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy). It has become one of the most important parts of science"
Preamble of first National Symposium of Biology & Pharmacotoxicology organized by Biology department of the Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences in collaboration with the Biotechnology, Environment and Health (BES) laboratory of Blida 1 University on May 29 and 30, 2024.

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World Environment Day 2nd edition June 5, 2024

World Environment Day (WED) serves as a global platform that fosters awareness and action in response to urgent challenges such as marine pollution, global warming, and sustainable consumption. It calls for governments, businesses, and various stakeholders to strengthen and hasten their efforts to resolve environmental issues, grounded in scientific knowledge and available solutions. Each year, World Environment Day highlights a specific and critical environmental concern

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2nd semester exams 2024

    1. Master 1 – 2nd Semester Exams – Normal Session 2024 Department of Biology    More details
    2. S4 Second year exams TCSNV  More details
    3. S2 First year exams TCSNV     More details
    4. S2/2024 exam schedule More details

Grievance Platform

This grievance platform collects your complaints and wishes and will help avoid certain conflicts. In order for us to handle your complaint, your information and precision are very necessary.

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SNV Scientific Journal

The revue Life and Natural Sciences is a national, experimental research and dissemination of scientific knowledge, interdisciplinary, international peer-reviewed and Open Access journal. The articles published there are aimed at an audience of university teacher-researchers, researchers affiliated with research and development centers, hospital scientists and clinicians, master's and doctoral students.

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إعلان خاص بالموظفين

255 days to 25 months to 2024 تقاء للقبول في برنامج تحسين المستوى في الخارج

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Regulatory texts

Letter from the CRUC concerning Order 171 setting the conditions of access, the methods of organization, evaluation and progress in training to obtain Bachelor's, Master's, State Engineer and Architecture degrees...

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