Faculty of natural and life sciences


Our story in


The faculty was created in 1998, following the merger between 2 pre-existing Institutes, those of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences.
The Biology department was attached in 2000, by ministerial decision.
the faculty of agro-veterinary sciences; has been officially divided into two structures, Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences and Institute of Veterinary Sciences within Blida 1 University

by the executive decree n°03-279 of 24 Joumada Ethania 1424 corresponding to August 23, 2003, modified and supplemented, above mentioned, the number and the vocation of the faculties and institutes composing the university of Blida 1.

LMD training
Like the other Faculties, the LMD system started in 2004 with a reduced number of students, to reach the number of 485, and which is expected to be generalized in the years to come.
Our faculty in numbers


The teaching staff trains some 4000 students each year in the various specialties, including 700 graduates. The majority of graduates are of Algerian nationality, but the Faculty has a satisfactory number of foreign students (Mali, Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Tunisia, Morocco, Liberia, etc.).

Work market

The graduates of our faculty are mainly absorbed in the local job market, whether in the agricultural world (agronomists, veterinarians), in the food industry (biologists, agronomists, veterinarians) or the hospital-university sector (biologists) .