Faculty of natural and life sciences

Presentation of the STADD laboratory

 Identification of the Research Laboratory:

  • Establishment: University of Blida1, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, Agribusiness Department.
  • Title of the Laboratory: Science, Food Technology and Sustainable Development.
  • Acronym of the Lab: STAD
  • Lab Director: Pr. MEGATELI Smain.
  • Number of teams: 04.
  • Address :University of Blida 1, Route Soumâa Bp 270 Blida (09000) Algeria, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, Agribusiness Department.

Objectives of scientific research and technological development:

The main objective is to develop the agri-food sector with a view to improving processing, taking into account product quality and safety requirements including environmental parameters, but also the management of agri-food companies. To this end, the laboratory's research teams must continually work, each in its own field, to improve knowledge and meet the needs of agri-food companies. This approach should make it possible to create a synergy between the laboratory and its economic environment which will bring about a dynamic between the university and its economic environment.

Topics covered by the proposed laboratory:

01 Theme : Technology and food safety

02 Theme : Treatments, Valorization of by-products from agri-food activities

03 Theme : Food, innovation and sustainable approaches in the food industry.

04 Theme : Plant and seed production management. 

Lab Tip:

  • Pr. MEGATELI Smain – Director and team leader
  • Pr. DOUMANDJI Amel – Team leader
  • Dr. RAMDANE Sid Ali – Team Leader
  • Pr. KEBOUR Djamila – Team Leader

    Contact Us:

    • Tel/Fax: +21325433641