Vice Rectorate of Pedagogy


Department of teaching, internships and evaluation

Continuing Education Service.

Department of diplomas and equivalences

  • Reception and registration of new graduates, help with their appropriate orientation.
  • ensure the regularity of their registrations
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations in force in terms of registration, re-registration, knowledge control and student progression
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of the student name file.
  • Article 24: A bachelor can only benefit from a single university registration even if he holds several bachelor's degrees and this, within the same establishment or in any other establishment of higher education.
  • Article 25: The student can enroll in a university structure with a view to obtaining a second degree in a sector only after obtaining the first degree.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations and procedures in force with regard to the issuance of diplomas and equivalences.
  • Definitive graduation
  • Authentication of diplomas issued
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of the nominative file of graduate students.