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April 028, September 09, 2022

يحدد كيفيات الإلتحاق بالتكوين في الطور الثالث وتنظيمه وشروط إعداد طروح precise

Order n°28 of January 09, 2022 fixing mod. of access and org. for. 3rd cycle-Ar

Order n°28 of January 09, 2022 fixing mod. of access and org. for. 3rd cycle-Fr

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Science Doctorates and LMD Doctorates


Note 122 of March 09, 2022 DGEF doctorate

إجراءات علوم والدكتوراه طور الثالث 

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UNIVERSITY OF BLIDA 1 (YEAR 2021/2022) More information

Important Notes

Re-registration in doctorate 2021/2022

The 2021/2022 doctoral re-registration period is according to the following schedule:

1- The period for submitting 2021/2022 re-registration files is fixed from October 03 to 21, 2021.

2- the period of study of the re-registration files by the scientific authorities is fixed from 2October 4 to November 04, 2021.

The re-registration file consists of the following documents:

– The F2 re-registration form signed by the thesis director, the research laboratory director and the head of department,

– The receipt for payment of the registration fees,

– A copy of the 2020/2021 school certificate.


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Important Notes
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Important Notes concerning the Methods of Management of Doctoral Thesis Defenses