March 31., 2021


Within the framework of one of the objectives of the company which relies on the accompaniment of young Algerian engineers and on the training of graduates with the aim of making them operational once they leave university, "the terms of this agreement of cooperation relate, among other things, to the development and implementation of research, training and vocational guidance actions, coordinated or common between the partners, the organization of regular exchanges on topics of reflection and common, in particular in the areas of educational content, preparation for industry jobs and continuing education. the period of validity from 25/10/2016 to 25/10/2021.

A coordination meeting was held on 30/03/2021 within the faculty of technology in the presence of the Rector on the cooperation of the technological partner of Bomare Company, in this case the American leader in the automation of Electronic Assembly Universal Instrument Corporation on the relaunch of the following item:

  • Launch of a professional Master's training offer in automation
  • Support for project leaders in electronics and IT
  • Start of the didactic production line already installed
  • Cooperation in research and development of industrial issues with a visit program next week