Presentation of the sub-directorate


The sub-directorate for scientific, cultural and sports activities is located in the “Auditorium” cultural complex near entrance no. 2 for students.


Management has two interests:
01- The Department of Scientific and Cultural Activities.
02- Sports Activities Authority.

Our role

It is a space for training and developing students' knowledge, and providing them with scientific capacities adapted to the needs of their environment, in order to offer their energies to contribute to the overall development of the country, in addition to being an outlet for university users.
Thus, the Sub-Directorate of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities is one of the spaces of the student who seeks to achieve a number of noble goals and objectives, the most important of which are the qualitative training in line with the requirements of the times and demands of today's life, as well as the development of skills, the discovery of talents and nurturing them.

Cultural activities

They represent the heart of the educational process and the essence of scientific intellectual activities through which the student is informed of the various sciences and knowledge outside his scientific field of specialization, in particular those related to the arts, to the discovery of the national heritage. and global and in contact with civil society, and this is achieved through the knowledge of cultural and civilized spaces, in the different regions of the country, such as theater, museums and archaeological areas, in addition to organize cultural and recreational trips in order to develop cultural tourism for students.

Scientific Activities

This is part of the student's scientific training, with the aim of improving their level, broadening their horizons and experiences, and giving them a way to complete their pedagogical training, whenever their academic background and scientific life benefit him, and allow him to see the external environment, bringing him new knowledge and skills, which is the role mainly played by the affiliated scientific clubs. The direction is considered as a bridge allowing the student to carry out his personal project.

Sporting activities
This activity is seen as true breathing for the student, but rather as the fertile field through which the student expresses his physical and intellectual abilities, given that a healthy body is in a healthy mind, and on this basis this aspect is of great importance, which is evident in opening the door to training in various individual and team sports. We mention football, basketball, chess, swimming and combat sports, in addition to participating in national and local courses organized by the management, which allow students to refine their talents, develop their competitive abilities , and to consolidate the values ​​of fruitful cooperation by establishing friendships and relationships with each other and learning about everything new in this field.
Voluntary Activities
It is an activity that mainly aims to develop a sense of citizenship and to promote the student's social awareness, involving him and making him aware of responsibility, allowing him to engage in voluntary group work. , whether inside or outside academia, which is done mainly through awareness and awareness campaigns, such as carrying out campaigns to give With blood, reforestation and cleanliness, and awareness-raising operations, preserving educational spaces, green spaces, and making some visits to various needy groups and people with special needs.