Innovative project at Blida 1 University

June 21, 2023

The first university defense presenting an innovative project in the context of start-ups took place on Tuesday 20/06/2023 at Blida1 University.

Indeed, the startup project presented within the framework of the ministerial order ''1275'' provided by the institute of aeronautics and space studies ARES in the theme is '' Digitization of aeronautical procedures for different types of aircraft''

The defense took place in the presence of:

  • Professor Bin Khadda Amina, President
  • Dr Bin Sheikh Sabiha Musharraf
  • Dr. Dariush Mouloud, discussion member.

▪And in the presence of Dr Saudi, Director of CATI at the University of Blida 1,

And Mr. Karim Muhammad, in addition to representatives of the Civil Protection Air Group.