China Scholarship Offer

February 6, 2022

China Scholarship Offer

Inform us that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the recipient of an offer of thirty (30) scholarships from the Chinese Government for the 2022-2023 academic year.

This program is intended for students who wish to pursue higher education in China at an individual level (Master's or Doctorate) they can only apply for scholarships granted by the Chinese Government.

To this end, candidates who have signed up for this offer via the platform and fulfilling the selection criteria of the Algerian party will be selected, namely:

1- Be valedictorian;

2- Be at most 31.12.2022 years old on 23 for the preparation of a master's degree

3- Be at most 31.12.2022 years old on 25 for the preparation of a doctorate

In this respect, you will find, below, in English, a guide on the registration steps to be followed by applicants.

We remind you that this program opens the right only to the scholarship granted by the Chinese party and excludes any possibility of granting an additional scholarship or a plane ticket by the Algerian government.

Download the following documents:

Envoi_168-DCEU_02-02-2022_China scholarship offer

1)_Application form _Bourse_Studies_abroad

2a)_Information sheet on the Grades obtained in L – Master

2b)_Information sheet on the Grades obtained in L&M – Doctorate

3a)_Compliance check sheet_Master's scholarship

3b)_Compliance check sheet_DOCTORATE grant