Azerbaijan scholarship offer

February 6, 2022

We have the honor to inform you that the Republic of Azerbaijan, in its capacity as Chairman of the Office of the Non-Aligned Movement, offers a scholarship program for citizens of member states of the Non-Aligned Movement, providing qualified candidates the possibility of training in one of the universities of this country.

Any request for information on this program should be addressed to the Azerbaijani Agency for International Development through Ms. Ulviya Karache, whose contact details are as follows:

E-mail :

Telephone: +994 12 596 93 76

Detailed information on this program is available at the following link:

You will find, below, the list of universities concerned by the program accompanied by the application form.

This program opens the right only to the scholarship granted by the government of Azerbaijan and excludes any possibility of granting an additional scholarship or an air ticket from the Algerian government.

download the following documents:

azerbaijan scholarship offer

azerbaijan scholarship form