Blida1 University honors these professors

September 21, 2023


The Faculty of Technology of the University of Blida 1 organized a tribute ceremony in honor of a group of eminent professors and retirees who assumed the duty to advance this scientific structure and contributed and contributed to many people after many years of service and donations.

The event took place at the university level, which welcomed the participants in a distinguished atmosphere marked by the eulogies delivered by the rector of the university, who opened the event by congratulating the participants for their professionalism and their humanitarian sense and also wishing them the blessing of God like all the people who preceded them in good health and happiness.

The ceremony took place in the presence of deputy directors and guests and officials of the university, and a group of professors and staff, in the presence of various university associations

The Faculty of Technology also paid tribute to two of its deceased colleagues, Professors Ibrahim Abdel Halim and Ben Khalifa Nour El Din, by welcoming their families, who accepted the invitation in honor of their full career. achievements and sacrifices.