INSTITUTE OF Applied Sciences and Techniques

Message from the Director of the Institute of Applied Technical Sciences

Dr. Nabi Mustapha

Director of the ISTA Institute

All the staff, as well as myself, are happy to welcome you to the Institute of Applied Sciences and Techniques (ISTA), part of the University of Blida -1.

With educational teams concerned with prepare students for the latest innovations in the business world, and an administrative and technical staff at the service of the student, we fully play our role to put our skills and our experience at the service of your academic success and your professional future.

Our objective and our ambition are to offer you higher quality training, an openness to civic life as well as the means to acquire knowledge and skills for successful social and professional integration.

It is therefore with enthusiasm and confidence that the entire community of the Institute will continue its wonderful human adventure. May each of its actors be thanked!