Planning of studies of the Air Navigation department

planning of timetables for the 1st Semester License 2023/2024

L3 /1st Semester /Air Operations/S 108

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
  C: Air Operations TD: Air Operations  C: Radio navigation 1   TD: Radio navigation1  
Sunday  Mr. Driouche Mr. Driouche  Mr Zabot   Mr Zabot  
  Air rules TP: Calculation codes and simulation Mr. Deiboune    Aero meteorology
Monday Mrs Saci     Mr. Boudani AEK  
  TP: Mr. Boukert Database       
  C: Freight and DGR C: Management system  C: Airplane Tours   
Tuesday Mr. Kbab  of security  Mr. Abada O  
  EAD Mr. Lagha EAD   EAD  
  C: Aircraft identification C: I airport  C: Aeronautical Info    
Wednesday  Ms Hamlati Mr. Lagha M Mr. Boudani    
  TP: Air Operations         
Thursday  Mr. Driouche        


L3 / 1st Semester/ Aeronautical Operations/S144

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
  PAN OPS1 TD: PAN OPS1   C: C Aerial   
Sunday Mrs. Drareni Mrs. Drareni    Mr El Aichi  
  C: Air Operations  TD: Air Operations  C: Computer science2   TP: Calculation codes and simulation Mr. Deiboune
Monday  Mr. Driouche  Mr. Driouche Mr. Benaissa  
          TP: Mr. Boukert Database
  C:MDV C: Aircraft Systems   C: Radio navigation 1 TD: Radio navigation1
Tuesday  Mr. Benaouda   Ms. Khelifa    Mrs. Lahreche  Mrs. Lahreche 
  TP: air traffic  C: Aero Meteorology   C: I Airports C: Aeronautical Information
Wednesday  Mr. Boudani; Mr Azazzene Mr. Bounatiro   Mr Rahim M Ms Hamlati
      EAD EAD

L3 / 1st Semester /Facilities/S 144

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
    C: Signal Processing C: Wave propagation   TP: Electronic function: Mr. Belmechri
Sunday   Mr. Bekhiti  Mr. Hireche M   
      EAD   TP: Matlab: Ms. Dehouche S
  C: C Language C:Servo Systems TD:Servo systems C: I airports   
Monday Mr. Benaissa R Mr. Benouared A Mr. Benouared A Mr.Rahim M  
  C:F Electronics TD:F electronics     TP: Signal processing; Mr. Mekarzia  
Tuesday Mr. Belmechri Mr. Belmechri      
          TP: Digital Electronics2 Mr. Benouared
  C: Digital Electronics2 TD: Digital Electronics2 TD: Signal Processing   C: Air Traffic   
Wednesday Mr. Benouared A Mr. Benouared A Mr. Bekhiti    Mr. El aichi T  
  C: radiocommunication TD: radiocommunication      
Thursday Ms: Azine H Ms: Azine H      











timetable planning for the 1st Master Semester 2023/2024

M1 /1st Semester /CNS /ATM/S 154

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
  C: Signal MN TD: MN of Signal C: HF electronics    
Sunday      Mr Kouider      
  C: Signal TN  TD: Signal TN  TD: HF electronics      
Monday  Mr. Mekarzia  Mr. Mekarzia  Mr Kouider     
  TP: HF electronics Mr. Kouider      C: Automatic  TD: Automatic 
Tuesday       Mr.Rahim Mr.Rahim
  TP: T N of Signal; Mr. Mekarzia    EAD EAD
  C: Statistics  C: Electronics N   TP: Matlab applications  
Wednesday   Ms Kadik  Ms Dehouche    Mr.Lebsir
  TP: MN of Signal Mr. Rahmouni   TD: Electronics N   C: I .T Satellites  
Thursday    Ms Dehouche    Mr. Rahmouni  
  TP: E Digital Ms. Dehouche        EAD  

M1 / 1st Semester / Air Operations / S158

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55 p.m.-16:25 p.m.
  TMJ  C: Propulsion     
Sunday Mrs. Drareni  Mr. Larbi         
  C: Proba-statistics  C: IT  C: English T   Lab: Delphi
Monday Ms Kadik  Mr. Benaissa     Mr. 
  Air meteorology C: cells and circuits    Aerod-MDV   
Tuesday   Mr. Ounnar Mr. Kbab   Ms Sari   
  C: N Aerial  TD: N Aerial    C: Air Traffic  TD: Air Traffic
Wednesday   Mrs. Bencheikh  Mrs. Bencheikh    Mrs Saci  Mrs Saci 
      TP: Air Traffic     
Thursday     Mr. Boudani; Mr Azazzene     


M1 / 1st Semester /Aeronautical Operations/S152

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13: 20-14h50 14:55-16:25
  C: Radion Nav TD: Radio Nav C: Software engineering     
Sunday Mrs. Lahreche  Mrs. Lahreche       
    C: C Aerial  C: Op Research   C: ICAO C: English 
Monday   Mrs Saci  Ms Kadik   Mr. Kbab   
  C:CNS/ATM TD: CNS/ATM C:RTA   C:Radar   
Tuesday Mrs. Drareni Mrs. Drareni Mr El Aichi   Ms Douchi  
  Lab: Delphi    C:ATFM1 TD: ATFM1
Wednesday       Ms. Kelil Ms. Kelil
  TP: C Aerial       
Thursday Ms: Lahreche; Saci        

M2 /1st Semester /CNS -ATM/S 132

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
  Design office  C: Information Theory   C:N Inertial  TD: N Inertial 
Monday  Mr. Boudani Aek; Mr Azazzene Mrs Azine    Mr. Choutri  Mr. Choutri 
  C: Tel Satellites  TD: Tel Satellites    TP: Radar Signal Processing Mme Doudou 
Tuesday Mr. Rahmouni  Mr. Rahmouni       
          TP: GPS/INS application Mr. Rahmouni
  C: T S of Satellites   TD: T S of Satellites      C: T S Radar  TD: TS Radar 
Wednesday Ms Dehouche  Ms Dehouche      Mr. Azmedroub  Mr. Azmedroub 
    C: Project Management  C: Quality of Service    C: ATC Networks  
Thursday    Mr. Boukert  Mrs Azine    Mrs Azine  
    EAD EAD   EAD  

M2 / 1st Semester / Air Operations / S134

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
  C: Company administration and management         
SATURDAY   Mr. Termellil F.        
  C:CNS TD: CNS     C: P of Approaches  TD: P of Approaches 
Sunday Mr Zabot  Mr Zabot      Mrs. Drareni Mrs. Drareni
  C: Radar Training C: Avionics    Design office 
Monday   Mr Zabot    Mr. Driouche; Mr. El aichi
  C: S of Air Transport C: aircraft certification  C: Conc aerodromes    C: I when piloting  TD: I when piloting 
Tuesday Mr. Kbab     Mr. Khojet  Mr. Khojet
  Human Factors  C:ETA  C: Security management     
Wednesday Mr. Khojet  Mr.Rahim      
  EAD EAD EAD      

M2 / 1st Semester /Aeronautical Operations/S 126

  08:00-09:30 09:35-11:05 11:10-12:40   13:20-14:50 14:55-16:25
    C: Aircraft Certification       
SATURDAY   Mr. Charmati      
    C:Security management  C:Business and Management    C: Human Factors  
Sunday      Mr. El Eulmi   Mr Boukert  
    EAD EAD   EAD  
Monday  Mrs. Drareni  Mrs. Drareni  Mrs. Drareni  
  C:S of Air Transport  C: Investigations and Accidents    C: Search and Rescue  
Tuesday   Mr. Khojet    Mr. Khojet   
    C: Telecomm 2 C: Airport Management    Design office 
Thursday    Ms Hamlati Mr. Boukert    Ms. Hamlati; Ms. Lahreche