Message from the Head of the Air Navigation Department


Head of Air Navigation Department

Aeronautics is nowadays an essential sector for the sustainable development of a country like Algeria. The latter has invested in training for the aeronautical technology sectors, through the Institute of Aeronautics and Space Studies, of the SAAD DAHLAB Blida 1 University.

The Air Navigation Department consists of three options, namely:

       – Air Operation

       – Aeronautical Operations

       – Installation

trains highly qualified graduates and masters who are deeply committed to socio-economic development.

This course brings together through three years of teaching for graduates and two years after the license for masters, the scientific and technical bases necessary for the integration of graduates in the aeronautical field in Algeria and abroad. It will be able to meet the needs of the aeronautical sector in the field of air navigation and airlines in Algeria.

The teaching staff, the main capital of our institute, which is characterized by its multidisciplinarity, is at the forefront of research and innovation, providing students with a framework oriented towards creativity, innovation and research.

A big thank you to all of these teaching staff and administrative staff, who work tirelessly for the development, performance and influence of our institute and for the efforts made in the service of our students.

At the same time, I would like to congratulate and encourage our students for their determination and perseverance, without forgetting to salute our winners in the various national and international competitions, wishing them more success and success in their professional and family lives.

Finally, I would also like to thank the user sector of aeronautics for its assistance in training through specialists by welcoming our students within their departments during the internships.