Faculty of Technology

Objectives and publications of the LGC laboratory

Objectives of our laboratory

The main objective of our laboratory is the control, optimization and design of physical and chemical transformation processes of matter through:

  • Improvement of catalytic and photocatalytic activity by reducing the size of particles of metal oxides and semiconductors (nanoparticles);
  • Decreasing the cost of the photocatalytic process by eliminating the microfiltration step by immobilizing the semiconductors on a support;
  • Promotion of the use of bentonite as a catalyst, catalytic and photocatalytic support and as an adsorbent;
  • The study and implementation of thermal appliances (refrigerator, heat pumps, etc.) adsorption, energy independent, and absorption;
  • The implementation of nanomaterials based on natural products: extraction, functionalization, characterization and application in the pharmaceutical, phytosanitary and environmental protection fields;
  • Development and implementation of electrochemical reactors for water treatment, electrosynthesis, electrogeneration of chemical species and study of protection systems against corrosion.

His areas of expertise in particular are:

  • the engineering of separation and transfer operations in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • catalytic and photocatalytic reaction engineering, – water treatment and reuse processes
  • pharmaceutical processes, – electrochemical processes in the chemical industry.



All our publications
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