Faculty of Technology

Objectives and publications of the GEOMAT laboratory

Objectives of scientific research and technological development

The research program concerns concrete technology, building materials, structural dynamics and earthquake vulnerability. The main objective is the contribution to sustainable development in the field of construction. This is achieved through the study of the performance of different cementitious additions as a partial substitution for cement to reduce the harmful effect on the environment by reducing CO emissions.2 and the reduction of energy consumption. The recovery and recycling of materials from the demolition of waste from the cement and concrete construction industry. The pathology of reinforced concrete structures is analyzed through the analysis of the quality of concrete on site and the analysis of pathological cases. The development of a methodology for predicting the compressive strength of concrete from non-destructive testing to enable engineers to better interpret the results of these tests is planned.

The laboratory's research program also focuses on structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. The team is interested in the experimental and numerical evaluation of the seismic performance of structures, in particular reinforced concrete structures and cold-formed metal structures, as well as seismic vulnerability and resilience. The study of the seismic performance of reinforced concrete walls is also envisaged in order to contribute to the development of seismic regulations in Algeria of methods.


Dr. Rafik Taleb
Dr. Belkacemi Menadi
Prof. Abed Mohamed


Characterization of materials:

Apparent and absolute density, particle size, absorption coefficient, Micro Deval, Grinder….

Heat of hydration, Titrimetry

Fresh state:

  • Ordinary mortar: LCPC, Shaking table
  • Self-compacting mortar: Mini Cone, V-funnel, Marsh Cone
  • Ordinary concrete: LCPC, Abrams Cone
  • Self-compacting concrete: Spreading, V-Funnel, L-Box, U-Box, J-Ring

Sustainability :

  • Compressive and tensile strength by bending
  • Permeability to chlorine ions
  • Gas permeability
  • Water permeability
  • Porosity
  • Capillary absorption
  • Titrimetry
  • Resistivity meter
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Mercury porosimetry
  • Climatic chambers


  • Rheometer RCAD for mortar
  • Rheometer for mortar and concreteHEIDOLPH