Faculty of Technology

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Dean of the Faculty of Technology

  Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Technology of Blida1 University.

A country such as Algeria must strive to acquire the means of technological development, particularly in this era of globalization. Spearhead of the partnership of our University with its environment, the Faculty of Technology plans to play the leading roles in this path traced by the management.

With an important human and material potential of lecturers, administrative and support staff as well as several research laboratories, the faculty is always ready for its mission of transferring knowledge to future generations. A staff of more than 9000 students is supervised and trained in master's degree and doctorate. The courses offered cover the Science and Technology Domain in 8 key departments ranging from preparatory classes for Grandes Ecoles to renewable energies. The training programs are made according to the norms and standards to meet the expectations of the local, regional, national and global socio-economic environment.

Our immediate ambition is to act towards a better openness of the faculty to the industrial world, a label of quality training. This is achieved through the organization of meetings, the weaving of preferential relations and the establishment of cooperation agreements. The scientific and pedagogical fruits will be used for wider production and dissemination of knowledge, animation and initiation of the debate of ideas and search for solutions, as well as the contribution to the international influence and refining of the talents of tomorrow.