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Message from the Head of the Mechanical Department


Head of Mechanical Department

Hello everyone, and welcome to our site!


Thanks to a good management team and thanks to its experience, we invite you to discover the world of mechanics and all the possibilities that mechanical engineering training offers you to prepare for your future or deepen your knowledge already acquired in this field.  


Our Department, mechanical engineering, opens the doors to you, as wide as possible, to allow you to develop a professional project in line with your ambitions, and become a player in the industrial world such as steel, automotive, energy and others.

Indeed, we are convinced that beyond passing trends and your more or less well-defined futures to date, the training provided in mechanical engineering is one of the best ways and one of the most judicious choices to enable access exciting and varied professional careers.


Access to a department requires a baccalaureate + 1 year of registration in technological sciences.  

The licenses (LMD) exempted are:

·         Mechanical construction,

·         energy,

·         Materials Engineering.


The masters (LMD) offered are:

·         Mechanical construction,

·         energy,

·         Mechanical and Production Manufacturing,

·         Materials Engineering,

·         Materials and Surfaces Engineering,

·         Energy Installations and Turbomachinery.


Access to the doctorate (LMD) is based on acceptance of the competition for access to the doctorate.

The specialties offered are:

  • Mechanical construction,
  • energy,
  • Materials sciences.



For any information, please contact us directly at the address indicated below:

            Saad Dahlab University of Blida 1

                        Faculty of Technology

                        Department of Mechanical Engineering

                        Route de Soumaa, BP 270, 09000, Blida



Tel / Fax :          0-25-27-23-72




The Head of Department

    Dr O.KETFI