Faculty of Technology

Word Head of Automatic Electrotechnical Department


Head of the Automation and Electrical Engineering Department

            The Department of Automation and Electrical Engineering has been part of the departments of the Faculty of Technology of Blida 1 University since February 2021. Its role is to provide teaching in Automation and Electrical Engineering at the Bachelor's and Master's levels. and Doctorate (LMD). The training provided within the department has the essential objective of enabling the student to face with ease any problem relating to the field of his training.

The training courses offered

The training offered is part of the LMD higher education reforms. They aim to train competent scientific executives in the specialties of automatic control and electrical engineering.



The department offers two LMD courses and has 3 masters and a doctoral training:

Automatic die

  • Automatic License
  • Master in Automation and System
  • Master in Automation and Industrial Computing.

Electrotechnical sector

  • Degree in electrical engineering
  • Master in Electrical Machines

The Automation and Electrotechnics department also has a doctorate in science for the Automation sector