Faculty of Medicine

Presentation LRCA


  • The research laboratory for outpatient surgery LRCA, is a laboratory of
    research created in 2023, attached to the Faculty of Medicine of SAAD University
     Its main objective is to promote the practice of day surgery by
    Algeria, through the creation of pilot units serving as a reference for this activity; And
    the development of national recommendations, based on the results of the
    various studies carried out by the specialists who are members of the laboratory.
  •  Domiciled at the level of the general surgery department of the CHU BLIDA, and chaired by Prof.
    AITBENAMAR NOUREDDINE, Professor of General Surgery, Head of Department of
    general surgery at CHU BLIDA; the laboratory is made up of four teams of
    different specialties, working collaboratively to achieve the goals set by the
    scientific committee of the laboratory:

  • visceral and parietal surgery team: chaired by Pr AITBENAMAR
     endocrinological surgery team: chaired by Pr BOUKHATEM
     gynecological surgery team: chaired by Pr FARAH
     Ambulatory anesthesia team: chaired by Pr ZEGGANE
     In addition to a very varied, multidisciplinary and multicentric research activity; THE
    laboratory offers several diploma courses (CES, DU, DIU) provided by
    national and international experts.
     our vision:
     Consider ambulatory surgery as a priority subject.
     Consolidate continuing medical education (CME) and development
    continuing professional development (CPD) by organizing large-scale events to
    promote ambulatory practice in all specialties.
     Provide recommendations for medical practice, as well as for pathways
    of care.
     Support the training of young doctoral researchers.
     Forge a partnership with learned societies, health organizations and
    patient associations to respond to their desire to participate in the process
     Develop partnerships and agreements with research institutes on the
    national and international territory.