Hungarian scholarship applications

January 29, 2022

As part of the study of applications for scholarships to Hungary (cf. 1563/DCEU/2021), we have the honor to ask you to communicate to us, at the latest on Thursday, February 06, 2022, the candidates' files according to the canvases and the attached application forms.

We remind you of some fundamental conditions for the admissibility of applications:

1- Proof of registration on the “stipendium hungaricum” platform;

2- Be valedictorian

3- Only one candidate per specialty

4- Be 23 years old maximum (Master's application) and 25 years old (PhD application) on 31/12/2022.

download the following documents:

-1563 DCEU 2021 Hungarian Government Scholarship Offer

Score Information Sheet – PHD

Information sheet on the grades obtained – Master

HUNGARY PhD candidate file control sheet 2022-2023

HUNGARY MASTER 2022-2023 candidate file control sheet

application form _scholarship in Hungary 2022-2023