2nd Edition of World Water Day

March 24., 2024

2nd Edition of the Day World Water


The second edition of World Water Day was organized, Wednesday March 20, 2024, by the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences.

The opening of this day was chaired by Mr. MEGUATLI Smain, Dean of the Faculty, who underlined in his speech that such events demonstrate the primordial importance given by the university to scientific research and the concepts of sustainability through the development of research programs, the implementation of scientific projects and applied research, with the aim of improving future prospects.

In addition, the event was an opportunity for professors and doctors, coming from different national schools and universities, to present conferences around the theme, while focusing on the rational use of water, the use of water management and distribution techniques in the fields of agriculture and industry, and the determination of environmental impacts. Dr. Nouara BOUJEMAA, Head of the Department of Biology, underlined the capital importance of this resource for man, the environment and sustainable development, specifying that the rational management of water resources is one of the concerns of the world's population, because water is a precious resource that must be preserved for future generations. She also added that this day is an opportunity for students to develop innovative ideas to launch start-up projects.